So recently I went Thanksgiving decor shopping for my home and found myself frustrated with the holidays! EVERYTHING Thanksgiving was gone except for this sign! (Which is adorable and was on clearance, thank you very much TARGET!) Every one seems to be jumping from Halloween to Christmas without even giving Thanksgiving a chance! BRING THANKSGIVING BACK! Maybe this was God telling me I don't need to spend money so I was determined to decorate using things I could find outside for free and things I already owned!! Here are a couple easy ones anyone can do! Enjoy!    

So I already owned the "not free" items but pricing the items pictured you won't be spending more than $14 bucks! Twine and spray paint can be purchased at Home Depot and calligraphy set can be purchased at Michaels (don't forget your coupons!) or just use a black Sharpie! The sticks, pinecones, and leaves I found at a local park!

First take your leaves and pinecones and spray paint with whatever color your heart desires! While those are drying you can start on your stick center piece! 

Do your best to find sticks that are fairly straight if not, your centerpiece might become crooked when you start tying! 

So take a long piece of twine and start knotting your sticks together one by one toward the end of the sticks. You will be doing this again on the other side, I promise it will take less time then the first side because the sticks will be somewhat locked in place. 

Tie a small knot on each end and you've got yourself a stick centerpiece!! Decorate with your golden pinecones and pine leaves!  

Pumpkins and squash from Halloween still count for Thanksgiving decor! 

So I tried to be fancy and use the golden leaves as name tags for a dinner! It can be a challenge if you don't have perfect penmanship! I cleaned up the names with a black sharpie! 

You can place your golden name tags on your plates or slip into an empty cup! 

Hope everyone has a happy holiday!!!

- Nicole 

Posted on November 17, 2015 .