Yesterday I journeyed down the road to Ventura, where Nicole and her family recently moved. The main point of the trip was to shoot some product for our website AND to visit her new place.  She moved into a beautiful little home from the 60s or 70s complete with beautiful wood floors and a nice big back yard for her pup, Annie, to run around in. Since yesterday we spent all day shooting goodies for our shop, we decided today was to be spent a little differently. We began the morning  with coffee and a simple avocado on toast breakfast that, although simple, was amazing. After filling up on toast we decided that we would pay the farmers market a visit before heading into town to thrift..

Prepare for color overload....

Beautiful huh?!

After browsing and sampling some goodies we headed home to get ready and then out to begin our day thrifting. It's really nice going with a cover more ground that way, and see things that each other might have missed.

UUUMMMM how good is that  sign??! I saw this little beacon of light.. ;) from across the store and swooped it up before anybody else had the chance! We are servicing it and adding it to the shop soon.

Another find were these little overalls. They are so perfect and slouchy, I had to turn them into my outfit of the day. Similar styles available in our vintage shop section. I also need to give this hat a rest....but my roots are too bad ;D Cheers!

Posted on September 24, 2014 .