Monday, Monday

We all know how Mondays sit with most people, but over here at Rax Clothing we don't really mind them. We usually like to begin the week going over some of our favorite pieces we have in our shop and putting together dreamy outfit ideas. This first piece is such a beautiful suede, high-waist, midi skirt. Midi skirts drive me wild(Gina) and suede midi skirts from the 70s drive me even wilder! Beside crop tops, this little beauty would look perfect with a grungy worn band tee.

Next up is this little dress of perfection. The colors, pattern, materials, and cut are all drool worthy. This little number just so happens to be one of Nicole and mine favorite pieces we've ever had. You can almost still picture the previous owner spinning away with Stevie Nicks belting out "Rhiannon" in the back ground. Just throw on a kimono or velvety fringe wrap to complete the look.

Last but definitely not least is this perfect vintage top from Mexico. It's the sweetest thing even and pair perfectly with bells, cutoffs, and just about anything else. Since Spring and Summer are right around the corner, we say start stockin' up on brightly colored pieces now!

We hope you all have a beautiful Monday and if you feel like shopping check out these pieces in our Shop Vintage. Cheers :)

Posted on February 3, 2014 .