Some of our Favorites

Here are a few of our favorite vintage pieces in our shop right now.

Pass Gallery-Pass Gallery-0285.jpg

This little vintage 70s dress is a perfect addition to any spring/summer wardrobe. Wear it to sip champagne with your buddies or to visit the boardwalk. Platforms and a floppy hat make lovely additions to the outfit.

Pass Gallery-Pass Gallery-0427.jpg

How cute, how cute, how cute? Logan looks great in this 90s high waist skirt. Flowers and denim...what more could ask for? We have it paired with a crop top but it would also look great with a perfectly worn graphic band tee.

Pass Gallery-Pass Gallery-0165.jpg
Pass Gallery-Pass Gallery-0170.jpg

Last but not least are these vintage Ditto's bell bottoms. Not only comfortable but quite flattering around the booty area. They have spandex so that can definitely move and groove. Paired with band tees, crop tops, long tops, short tops-pretty much any top they look great. Visit our SHOPVINTAGE section to buy these goodies. Cheers!

Posted on February 19, 2014 .