Sometimes you just need a good pair of slips, (that's what I like to call slip ons for short). These are a few of my very favorites. They are mostly all affordable, besides one pair that I had to slip ;) in there. From top left...


1. These are pretty amazing, and supposedly this is the color of 2015!

2. I will be picking these up for Christmas for myself!

3. These classic black beauties will never go out of style !!

4. These little lovelies will only set you back $20

5. I like to dream a little, go here!

6. Gotta get a little funky with these leopard print slips.

7.  What's black and white and beautiful all over?? These!

8. What's a closet without a little masculinity in it?

Happy shopping!! -Gina

Posted on December 15, 2014 .