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Recently my computer crashed which has forced me to use my old laptop for work. With doing so I had the chance to take a stroll down memory lane! The treasury of photos! Horrible hair styles, bad shoe choices, odd outfits, the comparing of weight or how youthful you might have been, and most importantly the exact memory associated with the very moment that picture was taken. With all these lovely factors in mind there is one thing that has never changed for me, the people in those photos. My friends. The people that love me unconditionally, that accept my faults, support my decisions, won't shy away from telling me the honest truth, and ultimately care about our friendship. Even though I would love to go through and show all the weird outfits, and to be honest just the horrible pictures of us growing up (I might save it for a later post!) I'm not. These are just a few individuals (and others not shown, you know who you are!) that I can say in 10 years we are still going to plan trips to get away, arrange nights to watch old movies and eat, shop, and reminisce on old times. Forever. 

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- Nicole

Posted on November 21, 2014 .