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I wanted to share a bit today on one of my favorite pass times, thrifting!

My love of thrifting began as sort of a silly way to pass time. Friends and I would pursue the aisles after class gathering up armfuls of silly things to try on. We would laugh at the 80s jumpsuits, wrap multiple belts around our waists, and throw sweater after sweater over our heads. It wasn't until a few years later when my grandmother passed that I began my love affair with vintage and clothing from the past. When she passed she left a closet FULL of vintage goodies..score!

It wasn't long after that, that I put two and two together and realized the best place to add more to my collection was at my local thrift store! I would spend the next few years growing my collection by spending hours pursuing the aisles, finding and learning little tricks/secrets along the way. Those years were what eventually gave me the inventory to start a shop. Nicole and I no longer have to spend hours thrifting for vintage to sell in our shop, but you can bet your lucky stars we still stop at every thrift joint we pass. We consider it a stress reliever, treasure hunt, and still to this day..a silly way to pass time with a friend :)

So now onto what this post is really, really about...the tips and tricks! Here we go :)

Before you even leave the car there are some things to remember.

1. No handbags! You want you hands free!!! Shoulder bags, backpacks(some thrift spots don't allow these) or pockets only!

2. Bring cash, lots of places have a minimum for card usage or don't accept them at all.

3. Wear something that you can try things on over, some shops don't have dressing rooms.

4. Also, come with energy/a full belly. You will be less likely to miss what I like to call thrifting gold.

Now that you're ready to go..

5. Immediately check the daily specials board. You can often find items with specific color tags half off and certain pieces of clothing discounted. Some days even offer seniors or students additional discounts.

6. Get a cart if they offer one.

7. I usually head towards the sections I have least interest in first, that way my energy is at full force and I can really dig.

8. Dig, and dig, and DIG!!

   Pink acrylic furniture set, my goodness I wish I had room!


Pink acrylic furniture set, my goodness I wish I had room!

9. Don't stick to just the woman's section. Some of my best finds have been sourced from the men and children's areas. Things can be cut and hemmed if too big ;)

10. If something looks amazing on you but has a spot or a funny smell, don't be discouraged. There are lots of tutorials on how to get smells and spots out, a needle and thread can really come in handy as well. (Nicole has to help me here, my sewing is..well hideous)

11. Check return policies, some shops have lovely return policies. You can take your goodies home and try them on properly and if they don't work..back they go!

12. Did I already say DIGGGGGG and dig??

   Colors, patterns, textures!!


Colors, patterns, textures!!

13. My last little tip is to think outside the box. Honestly when you are paying $1.50 for something you really can't afford not to be a bit gutsy. Some of my most favorite items have looked terrible on the rack and amazing while worn. Remember that cart you picked up in the beginning? It should be filled to the top! That big old grandpa sweater you found in the men's section, how cute is it with slim fitting leather pants and boots?

See that picture above? That's what I like to call thrift gold. A simple, minimalistic, white jacket from afar, which if nothing else is amazing in it's own right, but the kicker..turns out it's an early 1990's DKNY, one of the most comfy things to ever be created. It also happens to be for sale in our shop :)

Happy Shopping! -Gina

Posted on November 14, 2014 .