Do it yourself!

Hello, hello!

Today I'm sharing a sweet, cut to the chase DIY project. It's perfect for a last minute gift or to do in front of the TV while watching Harry Potter<----that's what I did!

Behold.....Crystal topped bottle stoppers!

Let's start with gathering your tools..

I used..

1. Plain, flat top, bottle stopper. Found here.

2. White paint and a paint brush. Try this paint.

3. Crazy glue. Found at pretty much any drugstore :)

4. An assortment of mini rocks and crystals. Etsy has lots of crystals and rocks.

5. Tweezers!


This project almost needs no instructions it's so simple!

The first step is painting your cork, I went ahead and put on two coats to make it nice and solid. You can use any color you would like, but I chose white. Once your paint is dry add a drop of super glue to the center and apply your largest piece, that way the rest is just filling in empty spaces with your other rocks/stones. I used a pair of tweezers to get into all the little nooks and crannies that the stones leave around each other. My last step is usually applying extra glue to any loose stones.

VOILA!! That's it! Finished, done, complete!!!


Hopefully you have fun with this, now time to pop a bottle and use that new cork! ;) ;) Cheers!

       XX Gina

P.S! Post your results on Instagram under #raxclothing, we would love to see them!

Posted on October 6, 2014 .