Day trippin

Nicole and I decided that we needed a mini escape. Nothing too far away but just far enough to clear our minds and re-evaluate the simple things. We chose the desert right outside of our city and started with a little place called Charlie Browns.


Charlie Browns is pretty amazing. It's a toy store, unique gift shop, dinosaur land, retro candy land, restaurant, coffee shop, dessert shop, and locally grown farmers market. You can spend hours in there and that's exactly what we did. Per usual I was hungry so that's where we started.

Look at that thing! Nicole's turkey sandwich blew my rice bowl out of the water. I don't even eat meat but, it looked amazing. My rice bowl was....okay. Next up was shopping and exploring. I bought incense, an incense burner, a tea infuser,  and some chocolate.

After a busy hour of shopping and arm wrestling we needed something sweet. Que the toughest decision of the day...

After a long hard discussion we decided on this...

Banana split and fresh mini donuts..could have gone without the donuts to be honest :/ We continued our journey a couple miles up the dusty road and stumbled upon The Outpost. It's filled with beautiful turquoise and silver jewelry, leather bags, moccasins, wolf print shirts, beautiful art, and blankets. The coolest thing about this place is not what's for sale but instead the man who owns it. He is a bonafide treasure hunter. I'm talking cabinets full of stuff he has found over the years..old toys, jewelry, and coins over 130 years old. We strongly recommend paying him a visit.

                                                                       That's Scott the treasure hunter!

                                                                       That's Scott the treasure hunter!

As the sun was setting we pulled off the road and took some photos. The desert really is a beautiful place, especially when the sun turns everything a shimmering shade of gold. 

By the end of the day we were feeling calm, refreshed, and somewhat silly. It was a beautiful time and an adventure we recommend each of you to take. Cheers to next time! 

Posted on January 25, 2014 .